Frequently asked questions:

What are your fees? The initial intake fee is $350. This typically involves us meeting for about sixty minutes during which we will collect background information, with particular focus on your prior history and response to medications, especially how prior/current medications made you feel. You will receive an overview of our treatment plan at the end of the intake session. Follow up appointments are $150 for twenty minutes.

Will we be a good fit? There is no charge for our initial phone call which will include a brief assessment of your concerns, provide you the opportunity to ask me any questions, and then if we are both comfortable, we will schedule an appointment. A patient psychiatrist relationship needs to be based on safety, trust, truthfulness, and mutual respect. My goal is to have you eventually feeling better.

Can you tell me about your virtual practice? In an effort to provide a service that is not only available and convenient, but environmentally friendly as well, a paperless practice is my goal. Therefore, you will be receiving communication from me via encrypted email, such as: your treatment plan, treatment disclaimers, insurance related documentation, emotional support animal letters, etc. Laboratory orders and results are online. Pharmacy prescriptions are sent electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.

How effective is telepsychiatry? Studies have shown that clinical outcomes for telepsychiatry are equivalent to in person visits. With the onset of Covid19, the acceleration towards online only telepsychiatry and teletherapy is just beginning.

How secure is telepsychiatry? I have extensive experience with providing care virtually in different practice settings. I use HIPAA compliant video that is confidential and private, and HIPAA compliant documentation software.

Do you prescribe controlled substances? (i.e. adderal, lorazepam, clonazepam) I am unable to prescribe controlled substances due to a federal law because my services are exclusively telepsychiatry with no option for in person visits.

What insurance do you accept? I do not accept any insurance plans, but I will provide you with an out of network super bill for you to submit to your insurance plan upon request. You may call your insurance company to receive an estimate of how much you will be reimbursed for my services after meeting your deductible. I am also unable to accept patients with Medicaid.